Property Care Kit | NQ-9570-EU

Property Care Kit is a home security system design to alert you in case of fire and water leakage at home or in the office. The Property Care Kit consist of Q-Leak, the water leakage detector, Q-Smoke, sensitive smoke detector and Q-Stick, the powerful gateway.

Security Guard Kit | NQ-9580-EU

Security Guard Kit is a home and office security system designed to alert you in case of burglary or in presence of any person or a pet. The Security Guard Kit consist of the Q-Motion, the innovative motion detector, Q-Door, the innovative door sensor and Q-Stick, the powerful gateway.


Q-Stick │ NQ-930-EU

The Q-Stick is a small, stylish and powerful gateway which provides the connection between your home and your mobile device! It resembles a USB stick and comes with a power adapter and a stand.


The Q-Gate is a cost-effective and very powerful Ethernet gateway providing a fast and reliable connection between your home/office and your mobile phone.

Q-Cam Outdoor

Q-Cam Outdoor is a property outdoor WIFI surveillance camera that provides HD live encrypted streaming views of your property and vicinity. Thanks to the night surveillance your property is overview in the day and the night.

Q-Leak | NQ-9760-EU

Q-Leak is a leakage detector with small sensor head and 2 meters long wire suitable for narrow spaces which can be placed anywhere water leakage can occur.  To prevent water leakage-related damages it sends an alert wherever water is detected.

Q-Motion | NQ-9700-EU

Q-motion is an innovative motion detector. When in Armed Mode setting, it sends an alert whenever movement is detected. Additionally, it detects changes in humidity, temperature and light changes.

Q-Smoke | NQ-9740-EU

Q-Smoke is a sensitive smoke detector that sends an alert and emits loud sounds whenever smoke is detected. When the battery level is low, Q-Smoke sends a low battery notification to the online portal HomeManager.

Q-Door | NQ-9720-EU

Q-Door is an innovative door sensor and when in Armed Mode settings, it sends an an alert whenever a door or a window is opened. Apart from door sensor it detects changes in humidity, temperature and light changes.