The Triple Protectors

Property Care Kit is a home security system designed to alert you in case of fire and water leakage at home or in the office. Q-Leak can be placed wherever a water leakage can occur. To prevent any leakage-related damage, the device sends an alarm notification whenever water is detected. Likewise, Q-Smoke sends an alert and emits loud sounds in case of smoke detection. Additionally, the devices display their status on the online portal HomeManager, where you can monitor your home from anywhere in the world. This kit is expandable and customizable and it is possible to add up to 14 extra NorthQ devices.


Q-Smoke Northq

A smoke detector which emits loud sounds and sends an alarm notification in case of smoke detection.


Q plug NorthQ

A detector which sends an alarm notification in case of a water leakage.


Q-Stick Northq

A powerful gateway which connects to the existing Wi-Fi network and controls up to 16 Z-Wave devices.

house icon

Extra Property Protection

The combination of Q-Smoke and Q-Leak protects your house from fire and water at the same time.

armchair and lamp icon

Proper Care For Every Room

Use a device from Property Care Kit wherever needed and maintain your rooms in the best condition ever.


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Protect Your Family

When the Q-Smoke alarm emits the loud sounds, it will alert all family members and they move safely out of the house.

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Prevent A Water Leakage

Q-Leak can avoid damages from water on all types of surfaces in your house.

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Always Check On Your Kids

Whether they are cooking or having a bath, Property Guard Kit makes you check on them and on their safety.

Technical Specifications

  • Q-Stick supports up to 14 extra Z-Wave devices.

  • Encrypted communication.

  • Low battery notification

  • Alarm sounds (85dB) - stops automatically after 30 seconds.

  • Small water sensor head suitable for narrow spaces.

  • Supports a wide range of 3rd party Z-Wave certified devices. .

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