Heating Control Kit│NQ-9540-EU

The Heating Control Kit is an intuitive, automatic and cost effective solution which provides energy efficiency and comfort control. The Kit consists of two Danfoss Living Connect – our electronic wireless radiator thermostats and Q-Stick – our small and powerful gateway.


Q-Stick │ NQ-930-EU

The Q-Stick is a small, stylish and powerful gateway which provides the connection between your home and your mobile device! It resembles a USB stick and comes with a power adapter and a stand.


The Q-Gate is a cost-effective and very powerful Ethernet gateway providing a fast and reliable connection between your home/office and your mobile phone.

Danfoss Living Connect│NQ-500-EU

The Danfoss Living Connect is an electronic wireless radiator thermostat which provides energy efficiency and comfort control. NorthQ provides the platform HomeManager through which you can control the thermostat from your phone, PC or laptop without any monthly fees.