Gas Starter Kit│NQ-9530-EU

The Gas Starter Kit is a cost-effective solution for obtaining gas consumption data from your gas meter. The Gas Starter Kit consists of Q-Gas – our gas meter reader and Q-Stick – our small and powerful gateway.


Q-Stick │ NQ-930-EU

The Q-Stick is a small, stylish and powerful gateway which provides the connection between your home and your mobile device! It resembles a USB stick and comes with a power adapter and a stand.


The Q-Gate is a cost-effective and very powerful Ethernet gateway providing a fast and reliable connection between your home/office and your mobile phone.

Q-Gas │NQ-9121-EU

Q-Gas provides a cost effective solution for helping you better understand your gas  consumption from existing gas meters. Attached to the gas meter, the device measures consumption data and simultaneously displays it in your NorthQ’s HomeManager account. It comes with an optical and magnetic sensor head which is  compatible with almost every existing gas meter. To use Q-Gas you need one of the NorthQ’s gateways (Q-Stick, Q-Gate, Q-Gate Pro), which provides the connection between the Q-Gas and your computer or your mobile device by using our platform HomeManager.  Through the platform you can easily monitor and optimize your energy consumption.