Why does my Q-Stick blink differently?

The blinking of the LED light represents different operations which the Q-Stick executes at the moment. The LED patterns for the Q-Stick are:

1. Blink blue once and after that always off -> stick is in access point mode;

2. Blink blue every 3 seconds -> stick is working properly and is connected to the router;

3. Continuous blue -> stick is communicating through Wi-Fi;

4. Blinking green -> stick is communicating through Z-Wave;

5. Continuous red -> network problem (the Q-Stick could not connect to the router, was disconnected from the router or the Q-Stick can not reach the communication server through that router or wrong Wi-Fi password was typed in during installation – check How can I reset my Q-stick?);

6. Blink blue every second -> stick is downloading a new firmware;

7. Toggles between bright blue and dimmed blue -> the stick is decrypting the new firmware;

8. Blink blue very fast (every 250 ms) -> the stick is in bootloader mode and updating itself;

9. Blinking red -> hardware fault (either hardware or software issue – bug or defective component);

10. Continuous red and blue -> stick is trying to connect to Wi-Fi after network problem;