2411, 2016

Internet of Things

What is it and why should you care?

We, here at NorthQ are very proud of the fact that we are able to provide solutions that can be used by everyone – Our products are straightforward to use, easy to install and does not require any technological skills. But for those […]

2411, 2016

Climate change

– We care but we do not act!

A few weeks ago an American study about Climate change was released, called “The spiral of silence”. The study showed that even though the majority of Americans are interested in the issue of global warming and acknowledges its importance, they very rarely speak […]

2411, 2016

Creating Innovative Technology To Cut Carbon Footprint In A New Way

The term “carbon footprint” has been a widely accepted term in the government, business and the media sector in the recent past. Though derived from the concept ‘ecological footprint’ (Wackernagel & Rees 1998) the term “carbon footprint” has evolved as a separate entity. Technically, a carbon footprint is the measurement […]

2710, 2016

A day in the office

Today we felt creative in the office so we decided to carve some pumpkin in order to get in the Halloween spirit! Here you can see how it went and get some tips if you are planning on carving one yourself.

Tip 1:
Use a whiteboard marker to draw the face […]

1710, 2016

5 ideas for fun things to do with your children this fall

Are you looking for new ways to spend quality time with your children? Below we have listed 5 fun suggestions for what you can do together as a family this fall:
1.    Halloween DIY projects

Halloween decorations are fun to make together with your children and you can for instance carve Halloween […]