Are you looking for new ways to spend quality time with your children? Below we have listed 5 fun suggestions for what you can do together as a family this fall:


1.    Halloween DIY projects


Halloween decorations are fun to make together with your children and you can for instance carve Halloween pumpkins. If you decide to use a wire with a socket and a light bulb inside the pumpkin, why not use a Q-plug and schedule when to switch it on/off on your HomeManager in order to save energy. You can furthermore use the Q-plug to make the Pumpkin look like it is haunted by switching it on/off from a distance.


2.    Collect chestnuts


Put on your warm clothes and find the nearest chestnut tree, collect all the chestnuts you can carry and spend the rest of the day making cute and fun chestnut animals with your children.

3.    Fly a kite


The fall can sometimes be windy, so why not make the best out of it and go fly a Kite? Depending on the age of your children you can buy one or even better make one yourself.

4.    Go to the forest


The forest is beautiful this time of the year. Use the forest as a playground, jump in the leaves, climb the trees or look for small animals like beetles and bugs.

5.    Bake cookies


   Bake cake or cookies with your children. They will love it if you include them in the process and let them help. You can for instance make Halloween cookies and let the children decorate them with colored frosting.