Save up to on your electricity and gas consumption with
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 Check Your Home

Did you forget to switch anything off like the iron, stove or an electric heater? Just log on to HomeManager to see.

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 Enjoy a Care Free Vacation

Our products give you the possibility to set up all of your devices and heating on a vacation mode so you don’t lose energy while you are not at home

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 Keep an Eye On Your Family

Follow the electricity consumption in your home and be sure that your kids are back home from school

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 Warm Your Villa

Switch electrical heating on before arriving in your villa or summer house.


 Wake Up with Your Favorite Music

Connect your sound system to your NorthQ system and you can easily program it to wake you up

How to Improve Your Life?
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Electricity Starter Kit
the comfort in your home
Heating Control Kit
power hungry devices
Electricity Saving Kit
Making your
home appliances smarter
Electricity Control Kit
gas consumption
Gas Starter Kit

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